The creation of images

I define my self as an image maker. I challenge myself with a very simple and yet difficult goal,
go beyond the technical reproduction of the physical appearance and the anecdotal.

My actual work is more involved with "painting-based-on-photographs". There is a special choice for this,
I like the attitude of painting, the amazement and fear of the "blank canvas" when starting a creation vs. the cold an instantaneous click of the camera.

Our works should reveal the perceptions of the world and the philosophy we host in our mind.
Self taught photographer.
Other professional information:
Mathematician. Universidad Simón Bolivar, Caracas. University of California at San Diego.
Professor pf Mathematics. Universidad Simon Bolivar. Universidad Metropolitana
Professor of Photography and Digital Development

Individual Exhibitions
"La Musique, La Mort et Le Néant" , 2003
Galería Trasnocho,
Caracas , Venezuela
Collective exhibitions
"Regards Croises", 2006
Gallerie Fontaine Obscure,
Aix-en-Provence, France

"Conversations Photographiques", 2006
Homage to Pual Cezanne
Gallerie Fontaine Obscure,
Aix -en-Provence, France

Art Exhibitions on WW.W.

"Remember, Repress and Forget" , 2003
Interactiva. Biennial Cancun, Mexico
Saatchi Gallery
Museo do Essential e do Alem Disso

Art Photo Magazines on WWW.

Zone Zero International Digital Art
Moon Cruise Photophiles
Ovi Magazine Focus Galeery
Gomma Artist Directory Art Moco
Photo Originale
Digital Art Guild

Art: Painting Individual Exhibitions

Espacio Arte, Caracas 2003
A7 Gallery , Caracas 1992
A7 Gallery. Caracas 1995
A7 Gallery , Caracas 1990

Collective Exhibitions

Sotavento Gallery, Caracas
National Art Gallery of Venezuela, Caracas

Bass Gallery, Caracas
Banco Consolidado Cultural Center