During the eighties I started as a painter using the tools of the trade (see here)

With the acquisition of my Mac 512k in 1986 things began to change. I began to deal with digital software such as Mac Paint, and other venerable precursors of Photoshop. I applied them to make digital simulation of painting techniques to apply latter in my canvases. 

I started  teaching Photoshop techniques to a  talented professional photographer, Lydia Fisher.It was the beginning of many interesting image challenges.These were the origin of many techniques for my latter digital images.

Studiying seriously photography, I realized that it was never a satisfiying creative experience,
the real nature of its conveyance was allways stressing me: I could not resist the tempation to let flow a sense of painterly effects to my works. I value a lot photography as serious art but I feel it has a problem with Time depiction restricted mostly to the Instant.

My insertion in the digital realm was essentially producing modifications of photographs, but with a photography flavor. It was a short step in my mind to
paint digitally using images of my photographs shot with my first one-mega pixel Kodak digital camera!

See below:

My love for painting was refreshed with this promising new starting point! To paint in a computer screen making brush strokes like I did with my real brushes! I read all kind of articles and saw many works of photographs with mixed media (physical-over-paintings), but the issue was to obtain a wholly digital product.
The Roman wedding