As landscape

Several decades ago, a French friend of mine commented to me his fascination with the modern aspect of my home town, Caracas.Those were modernist times in Caracas: large skyscrapers and cultural complexes of glass, cement and steel were rising. There was an aura of awakening to contemporary life leaving behind the peaceful city of the fifties that still could not disengage from the colonial.

Noting my perplexity concerning his statement, he explained to me that there was a sense of heaviness in all the old European cities that was reflected mostly in their architecture, making a kind of oppression to his spirit, that, in contrast, was surprisingly lifted in our city.

I have been traveling to Rome for several years and progressively discovering its historical treasures. My visits, that I want to think of in the style of those English literary masters of the nineteenth century, are very different from the modern hordes of tourists who only enjoy themselves (yes themselves, not Rome) while wandering through Rome as a ”Theme Park".

The experience of living for a while in Rome has transformed my vision and sensation towards the ancient, and some of the reflections of my French friend make more sense today, especially with the wonderful classical statuary.

In this work in which I include as well other classical sculptural works outside Roman sites, I want to highlight more the aesthetic, and dilute as much as possible their historical features so that they become pictorial. My approach should be in a certain sense more akin to the phenomenological, transforming objectively my perception and forgetting as far as possible the anatomical references and turning them into a landscape.To this effect some images are tilted to the left (ninety degrees) to diminish the emphasis of their origins as sculptures.

This is a work in progress...

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